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Lilly & Ella are back at the Bed & Biscuit!

Lilly & Ella gave us our Bed & Biscuit sign years ago making everything official. 
 Lilly helping Sarah catch up on office work  
Ella would like the B&B renamed
the Couch & Carrot  
Nap time! 

 Ella is already sound asleep…

…and Lilly is not far behind. ūüíē


In Loving Memory of Magic


Magic 4/24/2004-5/3/2016

We cannot believe we said our final goodbye to the most amazing Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Magic.  We have had the privilege of caring for Magic since February 2007, just 3 months after starting PPS.  Anyone who knows Pampered Pet Services or has been to the Bed & Biscuit knows Magic.  She was gorgeous with her fluffy coat, permanent eyeliner and even more permanent smile.  She was the happiest dog.  As an only child, she received the absolute best care from her mom.  Magic even enjoyed going to the Veterinarian where everyone knew her and loved her.  She gave the best greetings when we arrived at her home for her daily walks.  She walked, sniffed, ran, chased squirrels, trotted around the park near her home and the neighbor kids would run out to pet her.  At the Bed & Biscuit she regularly ran laps around the room, herding whoever was near.  She became best buds with our kitty, Mr. Boots, had slumber parties with our niece and quickly charmed our baby boy.  We miss Magic already and will cherish our memories with her!

Here are some of our favorite memories with Magic!