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Lilly & Ella are back at the Bed & Biscuit!

Lilly & Ella gave us our Bed & Biscuit sign years ago making everything official. 
 Lilly helping Sarah catch up on office work  
Ella would like the B&B renamed
the Couch & Carrot  
Nap time! 

 Ella is already sound asleep…

…and Lilly is not far behind. 💕


Diva the German Shepherd! 



Happy Mother’s Day!




Belly rubs required!

 Mary requires belly rubs before her midday walk with Anne! 



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Cynthia & her pups had a blast today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Cynthia, Butch, Bob, Macie, Gidget and Humphrey!

Jaya the Yorkie

Jaya has made herself at home at the Bed & Biscuit!

Jaya has made herself at home at the Bed & Biscuit. Clean towels or linens home from a week at summer camp, Jaya can’t resist a comfy pile of laundry!