Belly rubs required!

 Mary requires belly rubs before her midday walk with Anne! 



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Cynthia & her pups had a blast today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Cynthia, Butch, Bob, Macie, Gidget and Humphrey!


Max the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgi Max
Max has checked in at the Bed & Biscuit!

Luke subtly standing in his food bowl…

How much more obvious could he be that he wants more food?


Here they come…

Jack & Mojo walking down the street!
Jack Jack & Mojo Mojo


We are excited to have some new pets to pamper!

Omie & Little B – playful kitties who love treat time!

Omie & Little B

Butch, Gidget & Bob – a fun, adorable crew!

Butch, Gidget & Bob

Marco – a handsome, well-behaved pup!


Jaya the Yorkie

Jaya has made herself at home at the Bed & Biscuit!

Jaya has made herself at home at the Bed & Biscuit. Clean towels or linens home from a week at summer camp, Jaya can’t resist a comfy pile of laundry!